“Brava to Suzanne Bachner and The Good Adoptee. Incredible Writing and Performance! A powerful show that I believe the entire world needs to see!”

- Suz Bednarz, birthmother,


“Anna Bridgforth, an actor of enormous intelligence and warmth and intensity, brings Suzanne's own journey to life with energy, vivacity, and empathy...An exciting story that ultimately empowers an audience to set forth on further explorations of every corner of the human experience. Which is, I think, a grand mission indeed."

- Martin Denton, NYTheater Now


“The story is moving and compelling and keeps us interested to the end. With a rich, intelligent script and a sensitive, spirited performance by Anna Bridgforth.”

- Bob Criso, Hi! Drama


“Talented actor Anna Bridgforth delivers a stellar performance that grabs the audience’s attention and holds it to the end!”

- London Free Press


“Go see The Good Adoptee at the London Fringe. Easily one of the top shows and one that will touch your heart. It was an honour to watch it!”

- Jay Ménard, London Theatre critic









"The Good Adoptee made me laugh and cry. It spoke to my heart. What a powerful piece of work - the script is tight and packed with emotion, the performance is brilliant and spot on. Perfection. As an adoptee I could relate to every nuance. My heart was celebrating all the way through, soaring knowing that our common story is being told in such a talented and powerful way - out in the world for all to see - as adoptees we long to be understood, and this play, this piece of work, makes our hearts and souls accessible to be known to others who might not otherwise see our reality."

- Betsie Norris, Executive Director, Adoption Network Cleveland


The Good Adoptee: An Interview with Suzanne Bachner

The Good Adoptee was featured in Adoption Today magazine:


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