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We at The Good Adoptee believe that, upon reaching the age of 18, every adopted individual and their descendants should have access to not only their original birth certificates, but to any and all documents and records pertaining to their adoption, relinquishment and foster care. Adoptees' access to their original birth certificates should be identical to that of non-adopted citizens.

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Help New York State finally achieve #AdopteeEquality!

Support the Weprin | Montgomery Bill • A5494 | S3419


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New Yorkers, find your Senators and ask them to Cosponsor and Advance the Bill.


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For all allies of Adoptee Equality, please sign this petition to support the Bill — even if you reside out-of-state.



While you’re at it, please sign this one in support of Justice in the Louise Wise Secret Twin Studies as documented in the book Identical Strangers and the documentary

Three Identical Strangers.




Why Adoptees Should Have Access to Their Birth Records

Mirah Riben’s HuffPost Article



Track the State of Adoptee Rights in the US

courtesy of Adoptee Rights Law:

Currently there are 9 States which are Full Access States (Kansas and Alaska never sealed their records) and 11 Restricted Access States.



Sign the Petition to Restore OBCs

to Adult Adoptees Nationwide!



Support the work of Access Massachusetts!





Support the work of Access Connecticut!



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